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Shaping the future of recovery, leading the way for home-based robotic rehabilitation for upper-limb movement to become accessible treatment for all.

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About Robotic Rehab

For over 15 years, Robotic Rehab has been at the forefront of research in home-based robotic rehabilitation, designing and developing robotic devices for upper limb rehabilitation.

Our devices are designed to deliver in-home therapy and support rehabilitative care by mimicking movements and exercises typically completed during rehabilitation treatments and complements the delivery of care offered by therapists.

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Our Mission

To deliver the best solution for upper limb rehabilitation.

We want to improve people’s rehabilitation journeys by moving therapy into patients’ homes, our devices will empower them to regain control in the comfort of their own home.

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Our Vision

To be at the heart of the rehabilitation community.

To ensure our devices are affordable and accessible, and be in any home that needs it, our robots will be the link that connects patients to healthcare providers, right at the heart of the rehabilitation community.

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Our Values

Our team is dedicated to helping people get better.

We are proud of our multidisciplinary research approach, we are dedicated to designing and creating devices that help people get better through evidence-based and patient-focused research.

Striving to create affordable home-based rehabilitation devices.

Introducing MyPAM

MyPAM is a home-based rehabilitation robot that supports stroke survivors during their rehabilitation journey.

The device consists of robotic joystick that guides and assists a user’s affected arm through a series of movements that mimics the hands-on treatment a patient traditionally receives from their physiotherapist.

The joystick is connected to a large screen allowing users to choose between several rehabilitation exercises which are presented as interactive games to make the therapeutic exercises engaging.

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The people behind Robotic Rehab

Meet the talented team who bring together expertise from their collective fields driving research at Robotic Rehab.

ML Team

Prof. Martin Levesley


Member of Institute of Design, Robotics and Optimisation at the University of Leeds leading research in next generation health care robotic devices.

JG Team

Dr. Justin Gallagher


Research fellow in the Institute of Design, Robotics and Optimisation (iDRO) with a PhD in Autonomous Robot-Assisted Upper Limb Physiotherapy.

RC Team

Prof. Rory O’Connor


Charterhouse Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Head of the Academic Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Leeds and Director of the Charterhouse Rehabilitation Technologies Laboratory.

MS Team

Dr. Manoj Sivan


Associate Clinical Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Leeds, consultant in Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

DK Team

Dr. David Keeling


A chartered engineer with over 15 years expertise in automation, control and measurement with an MBA from the University of Leeds and a PhD in Biomedical Robotics.

AM Team

Adam Metcalf


A former British Army vehicle mechanic, now completing a PhD at University of Leeds studying with the stroke rehabilitation engineering group, examining and comparing control strategies for MyPam.

SM Team

Sophie Makower


Researcher in Neuro-Physiotherapist and Community Neurology Services at Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

DT Team

Dan Trowsdale


Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Leeds and programme Manager for Product Design BSc/MDes.

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Honouring the life and work of Bipin Bhakta

1960 – 2014

Bipin Bhakta was Charterhouse Professor of Rehabilitation at the University of Leeds and Clinical Director for rehabilitation services in Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Bipin was highly regarded by the rehabilitation community nationally and internationally. He served as president of the Society for Research in Rehabilitation and chaired the Forum for Academics in Rehabilitation Medicine at the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Bipin saw robotics as the way to overcome challenges many faced during their rehabilitation journey. His passion and commitment to his patients has inspired and influenced the work of many researchers, engineers and medics.

His legacy still lives on in the work of Robotic Rehab.

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